LiquidApps is a project that aims to help bring the future of dApps to fruition. LiquidApps and its products are aimed at dApp developers, being made by developers and for them. The various solutions have been created to make developing on blockchains substantially easier & affordable.

Today, there are only about tens of thousands of daily active users of various decentralized applications. Currently, developers have limitations thanks to the scarcity of available network resources and the high cost of those resources. As such, it is nearly impossible to build a scalable dApp that is actually useful and has adoption.

In the future, LiquidApps envisions there will be thousands of dApps delivering that critical utility for millions of mainstream daily active users. The project’s team predicts that dApps will eventually be a key part of people’s daily lives.

Main Solutions

To help dApps blossom and develop, LiquidApps created the DAPP Network. This Network will make the process of developing dApps more scalable, efficient, and…

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