Colorado Takes Action Against Four More ICOs – 12 in Total

Regulation The Division of Securities of the U.S. state of Colorado has issued four new cease-and-desist orders to stop as many companies from promoting their tokens to residents of the state. So far, action has been taken against a total of

The Daily: Kanye Teaches Opsec, Crypto Foes Joins Forces

News The last 24 hours has been one of those all-too-rare periods in which the cryptosphere unites against a shared enemy. We’ll detail who in The Daily, right after we’ve discussed blockchain spam, Blockfolio’s new funding round, and how we

Breaking Crypto-Summit Stereotypes — Consensus: Singapore 2018

A New Global Arena Initially a hub for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and blockchain-related projects for North America, this year’s second edition of Consensus is taking place in Singapore. Whilst attracting more than 8,000 attendees, with more than 50% of those being

Data Sheet—What Elon Musk and President Trump Have In Common

The comparison is brain-dead obvious. A bold-faced-name leader, as famous for his celebrity as his debt-fueled accomplishments, irresponsibly vomits his non-vetted thoughts onto Twitter. He attacks enemies a mature leader would ignore. Real consequences ensue. I’m talking, of course, about