The battle of the hardware wallets is heating up. At this weekend’s MIT Bitcoin Expo in Boston, Charles Guillmet, Chief Security Officer of Ledger, presented a number of physical attacks that could be executed against Trezor hardware wallets. He also outlined an attack on their rival’s device that Ledger has refrained from making public because it is not patchable.

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Ledger CSO Runs a Train on Trezor

Like any self-respecting hardware wallet (HW) manufacturer, Ledger rigorously pen tests its own devices in search of potential vulnerabilities. The French firm’s Paris hacking lab, known as the “Ledger Donjon,” doesn’t just dissect its own wares: it also thoroughly attacks those of its fiercest rival, Trezor. While identifying and disclosing a competitor’s vulnerabilities might seem counterintuitive, it yields a brace of benefits, highlighting potential weaknesses in the opposition and emphasizing Ledger’s offensive prowess.

Ledger Reveals Physical Exploits Against Trezor Hardware Wallets

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