LBank Wraps Up “The LBank Show,” First Premium Four-city Crypto Tour in India | by LBank Exchange | LBank | Aug, 2022

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LBank Wraps Up “The LBank Show,” First Premium Four-city Crypto Tour in India

LBank took its crusade for crypto mass education and adoption to the megacities of India. The exchange gave the communities what could be termed the best experience as they ensured that every participant had a feeling of being a part of a revolution that will skyrocket the growth of the sphere.

Little wonder the exchange noticed a considerable increase in Indian users right after the tour. In fact, each day records more users from the region signing up and trading with the platform.

The LBank Show” was very much talked about on all social media, including Twitter, where it ranked second on the trends list. The co-organisers, such as LBank Labs, Encryptus, and Swaraj Projeckt, made the events even more phenomenal.

Azadi Records artists also added colour to the entire trip as its talents performed during the after-parties. While it was all fun and learning, LBank made sure to lay an indelible mark in India and the hearts of the crypto communities in the region.

The first leg of the tour, which took place in Delhi on July 17, 2022, ushered in a new dispensation for the people in the locality. The LBank team, led by Shatnoo Saxsena, were astounding in their deliveries and organisation.

Shatnoo noted that LBank’s mission in India is the explore, invest and incubate innovative blockchain projects. He went on to say that the trading platform plans to replicate what they are doing in Africa via LBank Labs — Crypto Accelerator Program in India.

The second event in Kolkata on July 23rd was similarly as successful as the inaugural ceremony. Crypto ecosystem builders, enthusiasts and traders converged in the beautiful city for yet another chance to learn from blockchain experts and network.

LBank took it up a notch with the Pune meetup on July 28th, bringing together crypto influencers and believers under one roof.

remarkable aspect of the event was the subject of discussion, which included regulations and compliance, NFTs, the significance of musical NFTs and their use cases.

The closing ceremony in Mumbai on July 29th, was not just another meetup in its entirety it was a ceremony that marked a shift in the connection between the Indian communities and the top cryptocurrency exchange.

Above all, “The LBank Show” enabled LBank to meet its community members, interact with and engage them in a bid to understand their needs and further tailor their services to them.

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