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LBank: The World-class Digital Asset Exchange for Every Crypto User

The name LBank needs no introduction since it is part of the foremost exchanges that came on board to offer users the best cryptocurrency trading experience.

The leading trading platform provides users with very affordable, market-competitive prices and easy access to buy, sell and store their cryptos.

Seven years later, the trading platform remains hack-proof and safe for all users. LBank provides its users with a world-class digital asset exchange to conduct their various trading activities, including Spot trading, derivatives, staking, NFTs and LBank Labs.

LBank is one of the most popular and trusted crypto trading platforms with over 6.4 million users from more than 210 regions around the world.

Its popularity stems from the fact the exchange has deep liquidity that accounts for over 590 trading pairs available on the platform. It also supports over 149 fiat currencies with more than 3 million monthly active users.

At the time of writing, LBank ranks as the 14th most valuable crypto exchange by trading volume, according to CoinMarketCap.

Crypto Global Educational Awareness Campaigns

The exchange has been on a worldwide educational crusade since it believes that mass adoption is only possible when people understand the intricacies of cryptocurrency.

The campaign, which has proven to be successful so far, has gone beyond just classroom learning and has extended to awe-inspiring meet-ups including “The LBank Show,” “The Summer Meet-up in Turkey” and a lot more.

Similarly, the exchange has taken the teachings to the grassroots via virtual and physical classes as well as AMAs (Ask Me Anything).

Supporting Innovations and Incubating Blockchain Projects Globally

Through its venture capital arm — LBank Labs, the top crypto exchange is harnessing and incubating several thriving blockchain projects in all corners of the world.

Similarly, it is forming strategic alliances with developers all over the continent to create a cutting-edge ecosystem that will meet the demands of every local community.

As a result, it has set up several accelerator programs to aid in the establishment and support of startups, including project management and assistance that is exclusively dedicated to making sure entrepreneurs accomplish their objectives.

The ongoing “Crypto Accelerator Program” in Africa is a clear depiction of what LBank hopes to achieve in other parts of the world.

Essentially, LBank Labs aims to help startups accelerate their token ideas and crypto projects, support innovations, gain industry exposure, receive funding, get listed and accelerate community and business growth.

More Language Support & Live Chat

The exchange places the needs of its users above any other consideration, which is why it is always looking for ways to improve its platform. One such example is the recent upgrade of its customer service system and multilingual support in response to users’ feedback.

LBank’s Live Chat

With the new enhancements, users now chat live and in real-time with agents, drastically reducing the hours they have to wait to talk to a customer support agent.

They can also speak to these agents in their native tongue from the slew of 36+ languages, such as English, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Filipino, and more.

What’s more, LBank is one of the leading crypto exchanges creating strategic partnerships with cryptocurrency developers across the continent to build an avant-garde ecosystem.

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