LBank Team-up With Tezos India for “TezIndia Hackathon” to Support Developers | by LBank Exchange | LBank | Jun, 2022

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LBank Team-up With Tezos India for “TezIndia Hackathon”

Leading cryptocurrency exchange, LBank collaborates with Tezos India for what is primed to be one of India’s biggest hackathons — “TezIndia Hackathon.”

As a top crypto exchange, LBank has been dedicated to education, reformation and strategic partnerships across several of its markets in the past months to facilitate widespread adoption and blockchain ecosystem development in all parts of the world.

The month-long joint effort which commenced on June 10, 2022, and is expected to end on August 9, 2022, will not only spread awareness about blockchain technology in the region but also build a robust ecosystem.

Developers who participate in this competition stand a chance to win a prize cash worth over $50,000 grants including opportunities up to $100,000, pre-placement offers (PPOs) with the best-existing dapps and many more.

In addition, developers will get free workshops and mentor support throughout the program. These workshops will cover topics on SmartPay, Token standards, Integration libraries, Tezos wallets and Tezos Blockchain and the LBank ecosystem.

The hackathon is open to all — newcomers, advanced coders, students, working professionals, blockchain enthusiasts, and others. Developers from various colleges and universities can learn and build on the Tezos Blockchain.

Candidates can register individually or in teams of a maximum of 4 members. Candidates can find a detailed list of ideas here that they can pick and build on. End-to-end implementation of these ideas might increase the likelihood to become the winner in each of the categories.

Rewards & Prizes:

  • Winners will get a cash prize of $10,000
  • Runners Up will get a cash prize of $8,000
  • The Second Runners Up will get a cash prize of $5,000
  • Candidates in Fourth & Fifth Place will get a cash prize of $1,000
  • The top 20 projects will get a share of a prize pool of $10,000
  • Internships, PPOs & PPIs for all the deserving candidates
  • Candidates with valid submissions will get a cash prize of $150 along with an NFT certificate, branded merchandise and goodies

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