LBank Offers Additional Benefits to Users, Adds More Language Support | by LBank Exchange | May, 2022

From the LBank blog.

In a great effort to offer more efficient customer support to its vast global users, LBank announces new updates on its trading app. The top crypto exchange LBank launched a new customer service system where its users can now chat live with an agent in real time.

In addition, more language support has been added, making it a total of 36 languages including English, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Filipino, and more.

The customer service system and multi-language support will take users’ digital asset experience to a whole new level. With the previous version of the system, LBank received feedback from users about language support, so it has decided to optimise this feature.

The move is part of LBank’s continuous efforts to improve user experience, as it aims to become the leading cryptocurrency exchange through a series of innovations and updates.

The new system is easy to use and helps to give users more options to contact the LBank customer service team. In essence, agents are available to chat live, you will never have to wait for an answer.

The system will enable clients to resolve issues and submit queries directly to the company in their mother tongue. Customers can now submit inquiries from any country or region in the world.

As part of this strategic move, LBank aims to improve services and guarantee a high-quality experience for users of the exchange that is currently ranked as one of the top twenty cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

LBank’s mission is to provide customers with best-in-class products, services and user experience, offering enhanced customer service in local markets. Furthermore, it plans to expand its goods and services across the MENA, Africa, India, Europe, and America.

LBank Exchange recently announced a brand new feature called Innovation Zone for spot trading projects, which will soon be launched on its platform. Therein, the Innovation Zone lies at the intersection of crypto investment and research.

The latest upgrade will create a healthy ecosystem for crypto investors by separating the wheat from the chaff and it will allow investors to discover projects that have real potential.

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