LBank Lists $LINA From Linear Finance — A Pioneer in Synthetic Asset Protocols | by LBank Exchange | Jul, 2023

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LBank proudly announces the listing of $LINA, the native token of Linear Finance, an innovative synthetic asset protocol that offers a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective trading experience for liquid assets

Linear Finance is a synthetic asset protocol that allows users to trade liquid (synthetic) assets quickly, seamlessly, and cost-effectively. The project hosts five live decentralized applications (dApps):

Buildr: This dApp allows users to stake and build ℓUSD, serving as the core dApp in the Linear Suite. It operates as a decentralized collateral pool where stakers can build ℓUSD with LINA and earn staking rewards.

Exchange: This feature enables trading of a variety of liquid assets (Liquids) based on spot cryptocurrencies, Perpetual Futures trading, commodities, and indexes.

Swap: This custom-built swap functionality saves gas fees and allows the composable use of LINA tokens and liquids across different blockchains.

Vault: Users can lock ℓUSD-BUSD LP tokens to passively and efficiently earn interest paid in LINA tokens.

Debt Terminator: Users can liquidate marked accounts using ℓUSD and earn 10% $LINA rewards.

Moreover, the Linear Dashboard is a visualization tool providing a glance at LINA, ℓUSD, and liquid performance, including staking overview, liquid distribution, APY, P-ratio, and number of holders.

LINA tokens serve two key purposes: collateralization and governance. The tokens can be used as base collateral to mint Liquids using the “Buildr” dApp. This process requires an over-pledge ratio exceeding 100% (currently 400%). Over-pledging ensures the pledged assets’ volatility does not negatively impact the system’s stability.

This ratio can be gradually optimized as determined by the community-driven LinearDAO. LINA tokens also enable holders to participate in governance, voting on distribution models, assets to be listed, oracle selection, pledge ratio, and more.

Community and Team

Linear Finance has a steadily growing community, with 166.4k followers on Twitter, and 9.4k on their Global Community Channel on Telegram. The project is also open-source on GitHub for code contributions.

The team consists of 15 members, including Operations Manager Bowser, Marketing Manager Joseph, Product Lead Jason, and Tech Advisor Daniel. Each with unique professional backgrounds and extensive experience, they are tirelessly working towards pushing Linear Finance to new heights.

LBank Listing and Upcoming AMA

We are thrilled to announce that Linear Finance’s LINA token has been listed on LBank, and you can commence both spot and futures trading here. To celebrate this milestone, we are holding an AMA on July 6, 2023, at 14:00 (UTC).

The AMA will feature Linear Finance’s Operations Manager Bowser and Product Lead Jason as the speakers. Everyone is welcome to participate, with a chance to win a total of 1,000 USDT in rewards. Join the event via this link:

Let’s embark on this trading journey with LINA on LBank and explore the innovative possibilities that Linear Finance brings! For more details, please click:

Click here to download it for iOS or Android


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