LBank Labs Host Hollywood Art Director and UAE Creatives to an NFT Night | by LBank Exchange | LBank | Apr, 2022

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LBank Labs Host Hollywood Art Director and UAE Creatives to an NFT Night

LBank hosted a night of networking and education about the digital art world. The attendees, who are all championing NFTs and art in the UAE, had a wonderful time, learning more about NFTs and having fun networking with other attendees at LBank Labs on April 23, 2022.

Attendees included Art Director Anthony Christov who spent 37 years in Hollywood, the last 18 years of which, worked as an art director for Pixar — directed films like Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Incredibles II, and many more.

LBank Labs’ beautiful and futuristic Dubai office was the backdrop for the exclusive event that welcomed select blockchain-friendly creatives. The evening started with a presentation by Arts Dao, an IRL NFT Community in the Middle East whose members range from artists, developers, collectors, investors, and influencers.

The first Dubai Community NFT Collection that was handcrafted (not generated) as a homage to the people of Dubai — Dubai Peeps presented at the event. The collection holds a total of only 1000 single edition pieces which will gradually be released., an Ethereum-powered, community-governed franchise, based on the graphic novel “It Remains” took the stand to introduce its collections and what they intend to do with its Genesis collection of 7777 generative hand-drawn Resisters which they claims was inspired by environmental issues.

The event also served as the kickoff ceremony of It.remains resisters, an NFT entertainment franchise that will be launched in Infinity des Lumiѐres in the Dubai mall immersive gallery.

This is a memorable moment for LBank as it has become the leading crypto partner for most of these projects making a mark in the industry. LBank Labs now serves as home to both local and international developers looking to collaborate on a global scale.

The night came to a wrap as a representative of the top crypto exchange LBank expressed how happy he is that LBank Labs was chosen to be a part of this remarkable moment in the history of NFTs in Dubai. He also mentioned that the crypto space should anticipate more events like this in the future.

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