LBank Exchange Showcases Stellar Professionalism as BITCOIN Surges 28-fold Post-listing | by LBank Exchange | Jul, 2023

From the LBank blog.

The recent impressive surge of BITCOIN, rising 28 times its value after being listed on LBank Exchange, showcases the platform’s top-notch capability in coin selection and listing.

The phenomenal success of BITCOIN isn’t accidental. Like a stand-up comedian who polishes their jokes meticulously, the success of a meme coin involves a meticulous design that taps into the aesthetic preferences of the crypto crowd.

In the case of BITCOIN, the coin’s name, official website, and operational tactics vividly embody a comprehensive understanding of the crypto audience. Specifically, it employs a playful name — “HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu” (ticker name: BITCOIN), which intrigues both crypto-savvy and non-crypto-savvy audiences. The name creatively blends the magic of Harry Potter, the esteemed value of Obama, the speed of Sonic, the quirkiness of the number 10, and the iconic crypto symbolism of ‘Inu’.

For meme coins, the narrative and emotional appeal supersede everything else. As seen with BITCOIN, it brilliantly captures the typical Crypto user profile: male-dominated, with a liking for gambling, heavy Twitter users, and those easily captivated by the absurd.

The BITCOIN narrative presents a perfect cocktail of all these preferences.

From its name, filled with popular culture references, to a professionally designed website that compels user attention, BITCOIN understands the art of capitalizing on attention in an age of attention scarcity.

The narrative is further propelled by a high interaction rate on Twitter, coupled with weirdly funny threads and cult-like community culture.

The key to a successful meme coin, as BITCOIN demonstrates, is the ability to cultivate a cult-like community around it.

This community is typically characterized by its distinctive language, wild communal atmosphere, insane dissemination capability, and very active community chats.

In essence, a vibrant and engaged community is integral to a meme coin’s sustainability.

In the case of BITCOIN, it exhibits an organic growth trend with a highly engaged community, thousands of memes, countless high-engagement videos, and unique community interactions on Twitter and Telegram.

In the world of meme coins, investors often find a sense of belonging within these Cults, caring less about short-term fluctuations and focusing more on long-term gains. This “Diamond Hands” mentality — the willingness to hold onto a coin despite market volatility — ensures long-term profits, although the risks could be equally intense.

In the realm of investment, the focus should not only be on the present but also on recognizing the unactualized future potential. For meme coins like BITCOIN, this implies assessing the coin’s longevity and the potential for continued innovation. It means observing not just what’s already there, but also what could be.

Despite its already notable success, BITCOIN shows promising signs for further growth. It has not only seen multiple listings on various exchanges including LBank, but it’s also entered the NFT and gaming spaces, demonstrating its ability to diversify and innovate continually.

The rise of BITCOIN on LBank Exchange illustrates how professional expertise in coin selection and listing can facilitate remarkable growth. With a deep understanding of crypto culture, an emotionally compelling narrative, and a cult-like community, the BITCOIN case offers valuable insights into the world of meme coins.


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