LBank Exchange Expresses Support for Terra 2.0 — LUNA Migration and Airdrop | by LBank Exchange | LBank | May, 2022

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LBank Exchange Expresses Support for Terra 2.0 — LUNA Migration and Airdrop

While the team behind the Terra 2.0 launch is preparing for one of the most talked about inauguration in the history of the crypto space, LBank has expressed its support in a recent announcement.

According to Proposal 1623, Terra 2.0’s native staking token, LUNA, will be airdropped to its community. It will be airdropped to eligible holders of LUNC, USTC, and aUST on the new chain.

In detail, the new proposal is an attempt by Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon to resurrect the Luna ecosystem that went downhill earlier in the month after the algorithmic stablecoin UST was depegged by US dollars.

As a result, Terrafoam Labs is geared to launch a new blockchain named Terra 2.0. Meanwhile the old network is now dubbed “Terra Classic ‘’ and the old Luna token IS referred to as Luna Classic (LUNC).

In a recent statement released on LBank’s Support Center, LBank reveals it will support the migration and upgrade of LUNA. Similarly, the top crypto exchange made known it will airdrop the LUNA of the new chain.

Moreover, Terra disclosed that the new chain will go live on may 28, 2022 around 6:00 AM UTC. They added that “Terra 2.0 is bringing the same ideals you fell in love with the first time — world-class UI/UX, our amazing LUNAtic community, and a deep, talented developer pool poised to build the future of DeFi.”

As the decentralised and community-owned blockchain is expected to drop soon, LBank notes it will suspend withdrawals and deposits from the old LUNA on May 26, 2022 AT 13:00 (UTC+8).

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