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LBank at Consensus 2022: Noteworthy Moments and Spotlights

LBank was well represented at the just concluded annual crypto festival by CoinDesk dubbed “Consensus 2022,” which ran through June 9th to 12th, 2022.

The team, which includes the COO, Shantnoo Saxsena, Kaia Wang (CMO) and Jeff Zhou (CEO), had a fireside chat where they discussed the fast-growing exchange, its significant impact on the crypto and blockchain ecosystem as well as general trending topics in the space.

Blake Xu (Listing Director), Safina Fang (Global Channel Manager) and Jeremin Li (Global Growth Manager) were pivotal in organising and meeting the LBank community members in its designated booth for the event.

“Consensus 2022 was a first-of-its-kind in Austin,” the COO of LBank notes. Shatnoo Saxsena adds, “in terms of quality of the event, I would say it was probably one of the best events that I have ever attended because there were some great advantages. Number one is that the event was a good mix of over 100 nationalities from all over the world including the US, UK, Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East.”

Most of all, there were about 17,000 people who came for the four-day event. The first day was the industry day, while the second day was allotted for the stalls, where people visited the booths to interact with brands while presentations were going on side by side.

In addition, the last day was the award day. Interestingly, each day ended with an afterparty, which LBank took to the next level with its endearing parties that drew the attention of its community members, partners and crypto lovers.

Consensus 2022, like its previous years, was a convergence of all crypto communities, including top exchanges, coin monitoring companies, venture capitalists, developers, traders, as well as financial institutions.

From all observations, the metaverse and Web3 was the predominant topic. Alongside this, the presentations were mostly about ecosystem development, such as, how the ecosystem is being developed in different parts of the world and how it can take advantage of Web3.

The event was momentous for many crypto firms and individuals alike as it further pushed the frontier of the crypto gospel to the world. It is clear from the notes from the founder of CoinDesk, Shakil Khan that Austin may be the home for the next events.

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