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LBank Affiliates Program Starter Guide

Discover the LBank Affiliate Program: Earn Up to 60% Referral Commission and Exciting Monthly Bonuses of up to $1000. Let’s explore the details of this program and unveil the incredible potential it holds for you.

The LBank Affiliate Program is designed to provide a seamless and lucrative opportunity for individuals to monetize their networks and maximize their earnings. As an affiliate, you will receive a commission on every trade made by users who register through your referral link. This includes trades conducted on LBank Spots and Futures, ensuring that you have multiple avenues to generate earnings.

Ultimately, this program allows you to create and share your exclusive referral link with your subscribers and followers and earn up to a 60% commission on every qualifying trade. When anyone registers and trades on LBank through your unique referral link, they will instantly become your registered referrals. From that point forward, you will receive generous commissions on each trade made by your referred users.

  • Top-Tier Commissions: We provide unmatched affiliate commissions, allowing you to earn up to 60% of trading fees as daily commissions, fostering both short-term and long-term affiliate partnerships.
  • Dedicated Professional Support: Each affiliate is paired with a dedicated service team, ensuring prompt resolution of customer-related queries. Engage in exciting activities designed to enhance your conversion rates and overall performance.
  • Transparent Referral System: Our user-friendly referral dashboard offers a clear, visualized breakdown of commissions across various channels, empowering affiliates with comprehensive commission management tools.
  • Dual-Level Commissions: Experience an innovative commission structure that encompasses dual-level commissions, giving you the freedom to configure, modify, and personalize your earnings.

Beyond just earning commissions, you now have the opportunity to refer fellow affiliates. Imagine this scenario: by introducing an influencer to the LBank affiliate program, and if that influencer accrues $10,000 in fees within a month, you stand to earn $1,000 as a referral bonus. As the affiliates you refer continue to generate results, your bonuses will progressively grow, rewarding your efforts even more generously.

Individuals, crypto community influencers, and creators of content (such as YouTubers) who wish to become LBank Affiliate partners and meet the specified criteria can enroll in the program.

For Individuals:

  • Possess a social media account with a following of 5,000+ subscribers or followers across one or more platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

For Crypto Communities:

  • Financial experts or opinion leaders who manage a community comprising 100+ members on one or multiple group platforms such as Telegram, Facebook, WeChat, Reddit, QQ, VK, etc.

For Businesses/Organizations:

  • Maintain a user base of over 2,000;
  • Operate a market analysis platform with a daily traffic of 5,000+ visits;
  • Run an industry-focused media platform;
  • Manage a crypto fund;
  • Administer an aggregate trading platform.

Joining the LBank Affiliate Program is simple and straightforward. To become an affiliate, you need to follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Enroll as an LBank Affiliate

Begin your journey by visiting the LBank Affiliate platform. Click on Apply now and provide the required information. Our team will carefully review your application against the program’s criteria and reach out to you with the outcome.

Step 2: Craft and Distribute Your Standard Referral Links

Head over to the Standard Referral Mode section within your LBank Account. Here, you can easily generate and manage your standard referral links. These links are what you’ll share with your audience. Keep tabs on the performance of each link you distribute, and tailor them to different platforms using distinct discounts.

Step 3: Reap Rewards with Ease

As individuals sign up for LBank accounts through your standard referral links, you stand to earn commissions of up to 60% every time they execute a trade. Lean back, enjoy the process, and watch your earnings grow.

Overall, Joining the LBank Affiliate program not only unlocks the potential for substantial financial rewards and commissions but also gains access to enticing incentives such as complimentary LBank merchandise, futures vouchers, and a host of other rewards to further captivate your audience. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to be a part of LBank’s Affiliate Program. Join today, start referring to your friends and network, and unlock a world of possibilities.

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