Security researchers from Kaspersky Labs recently revealed that the North Korean hacking group, Lazarus, might be stealing cryptocurrencies via Telegram.

North Korea’s interest in crypto on the rise
North Korea is known for being one of the few most unpredictable and most concerning countries around the world. Over the years, it’s been reported that the country is trying to develop nuclear weapons, and fund a number of other initiatives that are a concern for other countries.
Its progress was seemingly stopped, or at least slowed down, due to US sanctions, but the country recently started developing an interest in cryptocurrencies. In fact, it even invited a US citizen from Singapore, Virgil Griffith, to come and educate the country about cryptocurrencies. Doing so later led to Griffith’s arrest as soon as he stepped on the US soil in late November 2019.
Now, it seems that North Koreans hackers, known as the Lazarus group, seem to be targeting cryptocurrencies in their new crypto-stealing campaign.
Kaspersky issues a warning…

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