As you know, with the rise of cryptocurrencies, the interest and value of great domain names go up. Now is your chance to grab this super-premium one.  This highly brandable domain name,, is now for sale!

  • BLUF: Check out this link for pricing information and cheapest way to buy.
  • Want to make an offer? Go for it!  Contact us with your offer. It never hurts to ask and it will go to the owner for their decision. If it’s too low, the owner may counter-offer. Hint: the closer to the asking price, the better the chance of getting accepted. 
  • Financing is available for any number of months. Contact us to change the number of months and you will receive a reply with the monthly price. You get to use the domain while financing! 
  • Cryptocurrency is accepted at checkout through Epik (through Coinbase). Another option is to contact us because we can accept outside of Epik.
  • Credit cards (Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and bank wire is accepted through Epik.
  • Want a combination of payment types? Contact us. The owner is primarily interested in cryptocurrency and/or government-issued money (fiat). He may entertain other options, as well.
  • Want a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed? It can be signed, no problem.
  • After Epik verifies the funds, you will get the domain immediately into your Epik account automatically for use. There is no need to wait 1 week for transfer. 
  • After the domain is in your account, you are able to transfer it to your favorite registrar. It is not under a registrar lock and you should not have to wait 60 days. You will have full control over it. 
  • At this time, the website is not included. Only the domain name “” is for sale. The website will be used in a different project, going forward in a different direction.
  • We are not a sales representative earning a commission. The site owner is the one selling the domain name.


  • Through Epik:
  • Through Afternic: If you prefer to purchase through Afternic, then visit this link. Please note that an accepted offer will be higher due to higher commission charges at Afternic. 
  • Through GoDaddy: If you prefer to purchase through GoDaddy, then visit this link. Please note that an accepted offer will be higher due to higher commission charges at GoDaddy. 
  • Other options? Possibly. Contact us.