As you know, with the rise of cryptocurrencies, the interest and value of great domain names go up. Now is your chance to grab this super-premium one.  This highly brandable domain name,, is for sale!

  • BLUF: Check out this link for pricing information and cheapest way to buy.
  • Want to make an offer? Go for it!  Contact us with your offer. It never hurts to ask. If it’s too low, the owner may counter-offer. Hint: the closer to the asking price, the better the chance of getting accepted. 
  • Financing is available for any number of months. Contact us to change the number of months and you will receive a reply with the monthly price. You get to use the domain while financing! 
  • Cryptocurrency is accepted at checkout through Epik (through Coinbase). Another option is to contact us because we can accept outside of Epik.
  • Credit cards (Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and bank wire is accepted through Epik.
  • Want a combination of payment types? Contact us. The owner is primarily interested in cryptocurrency and/or government-issued money (fiat). But, he may entertain other options such as land or a condo. 
  • Want a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed? It can be signed, no problem.
  • After Epik verifies the funds, you will get the domain immediately into your Epik account automatically for use. There is no need to wait 1 week for transfer. 
  • After the domain is in your account, you are able to transfer it to your favorite registrar. It is not under a registrar lock and you should not have to wait 60 days. You will have full control over it. 
  • At this time, the website is not included. Only the domain name is for sale. The website will be used in a different project, going forward in a different direction. (UPDATE: This may change. The website may be included, as well. Contact us if you are interested in the website content.)
  • We are not a sales representative earning a commission. The site owner is the one selling the domain name.


  • Through Epik:
  • Through Afternic: If you prefer to purchase through Afternic, then visit this link. Please note that an accepted offer will be higher due to higher commission charges at Afternic. 
  • Through GoDaddy: If you prefer to purchase through GoDaddy, then visit this link. Please note that an accepted offer will be higher due to higher commission charges at GoDaddy. 
  • Other options? Possibly. Contact us.