Testing Cryptocurrency Atomic Swaps With Barterdex

Reviews The method of atomic swap trading within the cryptocurrency space has become a hot subject, and a few software development teams have been working on this type of cross-chain technology. One group is Komodo, the creators

What Is Komodo? – The Merkle

Some cryptocurrency users may have heard the name Komodo before. It is a pretty intriguing project, even though most people don’t know how its technology is being used right now. It seems Komodo will play an integral role in the future

Komodo Developers Demonstrate Bitcoin Cash Atomic Swap

Technology This week the developers of the komodo (KMD) blockchain platform performed a successful atomic swap between KMD and bitcoin cash (BCH) using the team’s Barterdex exchange. Also read: Only Big Broker Offering CME Bitcoin Futures Allows

What Is the dICO Platform? – The Merkle

Although initial coin offerings have become a lot more popular over the past six months, they are not necessarily decentralized. All sales occur through a centralized website, which often creates problems and leads to scam attempts. Decentralizing the concept of