Komodo has announced that it now offers Dilithium, a quantum-resistant signature scheme, as an optional plugin. Komodo originated as a Zcash-based privacy coin, but it quickly grew into an all-around security-focused platform. Quantum computing poses an impending threat to cryptocurrency, which makes quantum resistance a natural next step for Komodo.

How Signatures Work

If you use a crypto wallet, you manage that wallet with public and private keys, which are generated according to a signature scheme. You can safely share your public key, and other people can use that key to send you money. Your private key must not be shared, as it can be used to move funds out of your wallet.

In theory, someone could reverse-engineer your private key simply by knowing your public key, but doing so is impossible with current technology. However, powerful quantum computers may eventually be able to accomplish the task. This isn’t a problem right now, but it could pose a threat in the future. Komodo writes:

“While quantum computers have not…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/komodo-adds-quantum-resistant-signatures/