Video gaming is the biggest entertainment industry in the world right now and as most PC games are sold online to a young and tech-savvy demographic, they are a perfect fit for cryptocurrency payments. One platform taking advantage of this by selling digital game licenses for bitcoin cash is Keys4coins.

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How to Buy Video Game Keys With Cryptocurrency

If you are looking to expand your video games library using crypto, make sure to check out Keys4coins. This Norway-based online store offers digital licenses for games on several platforms such Valve’s Steam, EA’s Origin and Ubisoft’s Uplay. The service is meant to offer cheaper prices than the official stores while also being faster and safer thanks to the use of cryptocurrency. Beyond BCH, other payment options include doge, monero and dash.

Keys4coins Lets You Buy Digital Video Game Licenses With Bitcoin Cash

Last June the online game store announced the acceptance of zero-confirmation transactions with BCH. This means as soon as the bitcoin…

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