TheMerkle Defray Ransomware

New findings by research firm Kaspersky paint a worrisome outlook. Dozens of municipal institutions have dealt with ransomware attacks throughout 2019.

The rise of malware and ransomware attacks has been well documented in recent years. 

The Ransomware Industry Keeps Growing

One would expect institutions and corporations to smarten up after so many years.

That is not necessarily the case, according to a new Kaspersky report. 

Over 170 different municipal institutions have suffered from massive malware attacks throughout 2019. 

Compared to similar research conducted in 2018, that represents a 60% increase year-over-year

The choice for smaller institutions is not entirely surprising.

While these municipal organizations can’t pay large sums of bitcoin as ransom, they are more willing to pay smaller sums regardless. 

For a smaller company, losing data or not having access to crucial systems is very problematic.

Three different ransomware families have been identified throughout 2019. 

Ryuk, Purga, and Stop appear to be the most…

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