The concept of a redefined future of money,
constructed on postulates about stabilized core for a new economic order, the
full-fledged infrastructure of interconnected products and services for
financial transfers and characterized by swift onboarding and unprecedentedly
fast merchant enrollment, seems too good to be implemented into neither real
nor crypto world. Why is there so much room for dubiousness, notwithstanding
recent sterling records in crypto advancement?

One may argue, but predominantly the lack of positive
projections for blockchain is due to its failure to solve the problem of
financial assets’ protection. The question at issue is closely associated with
guarantees to ensure the value and reliability of transferred money, more
accurately, their absence. Cryptocurrencies are one of the most dynamic value
assets invented. Thus, they are somewhat prevented in rapid popularization and
introduction in normal economic relations.

KaratGold Coin is perfectly aware of the problem of
volatile environment provoking…

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