July Roundup on LBank: Educational Meetups, AMAs and Masterclasses | by LBank Exchange | LBank | Aug, 2022

From the LBank blog.

The month of July 2022 was extremely eventful for LBank amid the bear market and inflation across the world. Traders got to experience the best of cryptocurrency within the confines of a secure and top trading platform.

Besides this, the exchange took on a lot of charitable causes, extending help to the less privileged. It also hosted a “Fintech Meet-up” where experts discussed crypto regulation and the next-generation innovative financial solutions.

While the month was supercharged with numerous events, the investment arm, LBank Labs, was busy discovering new projects to incubate, as well as unveiling the winners of the “Crypto Accelerator Program.”

LBank exposed its users to one-of-a-kind encounters in its various markets. Invariably, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tunisia and many other regions felt the wave of the leading exchange’s globalisation and inclusion campaigns this month.

The most intriguing of them all was the highly acclaimed crypto tour called “The LBank Show,” which happened in four cities in India, including Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.

The roadshow was a massive success as attendees took to their socials to commend LBank and its partners for giving such a memorable event that actually “Put Indian users at the core.”

The Turkish community got on the summer grove with an exquisite 4-day meetup in İzmir, Foça, the most diverse blockchain event in Turkey.

With a lineup of events such as a yoga session, lectures on blockchain entrepreneurship, the metaverse and Web3 learning symposium, a colour festival, and unforgettable afterparties, LBank went above and beyond to ensure everyone had a fantastic time.

On the heels of the foregoing, the Nigerian team took crypto learning to the grassroots, an endeavour that yielded a positive outcome. There were also physical and online masterclasses for both advanced and new traders in several cities of the country, in addition to numerous AMAs (Ask me Anything) on Telegram and Twitter spaces.

Pakistan also went on the route of learning and advancing its community’s trading abilities. With several AMAs and masterclasses, the region sealed July on a note of users’ education.

The rapidly growing Tunisia community undertook a learning adventure in the wings of blockchain experts and educators.

In the same vein, the Indonesia team was also instrumental in pushing the initiative for education and adoption, an initiative that the top crypto exchange LBank is keen on facilitating globally.

Overall, the first month of Q3 of the year was bustling with activities for every region. More so, the next month is expected to be more event-filled and noteworthy.

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