Jackson, Tennessee’s mayor is a fan of bitcoin and he wants the city to become a bitcoin hub in order to entice technology companies and innovation. Jackson’s mayor Scott Conger is in the midst of discussing creating legislation that allows Jackson residents to pay property taxes with bitcoin.

Jackson, Tennessee’s Mayor Is a Fan of Bitcoin, He Wonders Why We Accept Inflation

Miami mayor Francis Suarez is not the only bitcoiner trying to get bitcoin companies and technological innovation to reside in his city. Jackson, Tennessee’s mayor is also a bitcoin fan and Scott Conger is the third member of his family to be Jackson’s mayor.

Conger has noticed inflation creeping higher after the federal government and central bank created massive quantities of stimulus during the last year and a half. In Conger’s opinion bitcoin is the only solution to this problem. Three days ago Conger tweeted:

Why do we accept inflation? Why don’t we…

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Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/jackson-tennessee-mayor-praises-bitcoins-benefits-against-inflation-create-btc-hub/