IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO Summit: Japan’s Web3 Leaders Gather in Kyoto

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Japan’s largest global cryptocurrency conference, “IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO,” will be held from June 28 to 30, 2023, at the Miyako Messe and ROHM Theatre in Kyoto. This conference, organized by the IVS KYOTO Executive Committee, will bring together a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The Main Event of Japan Blockchain Week: IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO

As one of the key events of Japan Blockchain Week, IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO is a top-level gathering for global Web3 entrepreneurs, investors, developers, media, government agencies, and individuals interested in the world of Web3.

IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO: Innovation and Applications in Blockchain

The speakers for this summit include: Akihisa Shiozaki, the drafter of Japan’s web3 whitepaper and Secretary-General of the LDP’s web3PT, along with other renowned Web3 leaders. They will deeply explore how Web3 technologies are revolutionizing various industries.

Details and ticket link: https://www.ivs.events/crypto

IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO: Experience Web3 in the NEXT CITY Zone

In the newly established NEXT CITY area, IVS will provide a venue for all who are interested in Web3 to witness, listen, touch, and experience the possibilities of Web3.

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CRYPTO STAGE will focus on the future imagination of Japan and why we need Web3.0. Meanwhile, WEB3 STAGE will be a stage for showcasing the world’s leading Web3 technologies and cases, and will also host the AI and Web3 themed Hackathon “AI+Crypto Hackathon”.

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IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO: Web3 Events throughout Kyoto

In addition to the main conference, various Web3 related activities, such as Oasys Special Event and Azuki Kyoto Garden, will be held simultaneously at various locations in Kyoto, allowing participants to experience Web3 in different scenarios.

Details and ticket link: https://www.ivs.events/crypto

IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO: After Party featuring Grammy Award Winner Kimbra

On the final day of the event, we will host the official IVS After Party at Kyoto’s largest club, “WORLD KYOTO,” featuring a closing performance by two-time Grammy award winner and internationally renowned New Zealand singer-songwriter Kimbra.

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Details and ticket link: https://www.ivs.events/crypto

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