When we talk of financial security and investments, insurance will always be part of the topic since this will help you secure your future. In fact, you might even think of getting life insurance for you and your family, or probably you already own a car insurance if you have purchased your car. There are different types of insurance, and you should get the ones that you genuinely need. But have you heard of a Bitcoin insurance?

Well, if you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you probably heard of it. However, it’s possible that you haven’t thought of getting one, especially that you are not yet fully equipped with knowledge about it.

What is a Bitcoin Insurance

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency released in 2009 by someone with an alias, Satoshi Nakamoto. This digital currency can be used to buy or sell items online from people and companies that utilize Bitcoin as payment. Through time, Bitcoin has increased its value, which attracted more users.

Since there is a significant growth in the number of Bitcoin users and its value is…

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