Is Mintable The Most Affordable Marketplace? Here’s The Math:

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Trading NFTs can get expensive. Marketplace fees eat into sale profits, and for creators, high gas fees for minting on Ethereum mean even more profit lost. To maximize your NFT profits, you’ll need to find a marketplace that can help mitigate these costs. That’s us! Mintable is the most affordable marketplace for NFT creators, collectors and flippers alike – and we have the math to prove it.

This article explains Mintable’s marketplace fee waiver, our NFT flash sales, and our gasless minting solution for creators – all dedicated to helping our users maximize their NFT profits.

The Hidden Cost of Marketplace Fees

When you sell an NFT on a marketplace, platform fees can eat a large chunk of your profits. 2.5% may not seem like a lot, but if you’re doing thousands of dollars worth of trades, it can really add up.

To illustrate, let’s break down how much the 2.5% fee on OpenSea costs a BAYC seller, in USD:

The BAYC NFT above is selling for Ξ111, or $365,465.28

2.5% of $365,465.28 = $9,136.63.

That’s nearly ten thousand dollars in lost profits for a single sale!

What about smaller trades?

Sure, not every NFT trader sells such highly valued NFTs, but even if you’re selling NFTs worth a few hundred dollars, that 2.5% adds up to a lot over time. Let’s work it out:

Assuming the average price you flip an NFT at is Ξ0.2 or $662.19

2.5% of Ξ0.2 = $16.55

If you do 3 flips a week at this price, that’s $2,582 in lost profits per year! To minimize this loss, you need to use a marketplace with the lowest fees. 

Zero Fees On Mintable

Usually, Mintable’s platform fees are 2.5%, the same as OpenSea’s. However, for the next 30 days, we’re waiving our platform fees so that you, our users, can maximize your NFT profits! If zero-fees month is popular, and we’re sure it will be, we’ll do it again several times throughout the year.

Wondering how we’ll make money without platform fees? That’s sweet, but don’t worry – the Mintable ecosystem includes a range of services, from ads to enterprise solutions, and more. This lets us focus on making the trading experience on our marketplace the best it can be.

And what better way to help our users than to not take their profits?

Buy Discounted NFTs On Mintable

Mintable sometimes offers discounts for NFTs! During a Mintable flash sale, we sell NFTs from trending PFP collections for up to Ξ3 below floor price. No other marketplace does this, and it’s a guaranteed way for our users to turn a profit.

Recently, we sold some Doodles and Azuki NFTs in a flash sale, offering our users the cheapest entry into these collections at the time.

The image above shows 2 NFTs we sold during our last flash sale. That’s a discount of nearly $10,000 for each NFT! Not to mention, that’s just the discount from the floor; you could be saving even more on the NFTs with rarer traits.

To keep up to date with our latest flash sales, follow us on Twitter!

Mint NFTs on Ethereum Without Paying Gas

Minting NFTs can get very expensive, especially on the Ethereum network. While alternate chains offer much lower gas fees, many artists still prefer mint on Ethereum because it gives them access to the largest pool of NFT buyers.

To improve accessibility, Mintable offers Gasless Minting. This means you can create and sell your NFTs for free, and even enjoy 10% royalties on all secondary sales!

Unlike OpenSea or Rarible’s Lazy Minting, Mintable’s gasless minting allows you to actually mint an ERC721 directly onto the Ethereum Mainnet, without paying a single puff of gas. 

How is this possible? Through some smart contract magic. Our proprietary gasless minting technology is the only one in the market, which makes us the best option for both individual creators and businesses who want to mint on Ethereum at scale, with no gas fees.

Maximize Your NFT Profits With Mintable

Whether you’re an NFT creator, collector, or trader, Mintable is dedicated to helping you maximize your earning potential on our marketplace. Join our flash sales of the hottest NFT collections for a guaranteed flip, trade your high-value NFTs with zero fees to save thousands of dollars, or mint NFTs on Ethereum without paying gas, only on

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