bitcoin price rise because us iran airstrike

Bitcoin prices have jumped almost 6% over the past couple of hours as news emerges of a US airstrike on Iranian military personnel.

Bitcoin Price Surges $400
A huge green candle has just appeared on the hourly BTC chart sending the asset surging back above $7,000. According to bitcoin had slid back to its lowest level for over two weeks at $6,850 during the Asian trading session today.
That movement was rapidly reversed when a couple of big green candles cranked the king of crypto up $400. The move topped out at the weekly resistance level of $7,250 marking a surge of almost 6% in just a couple of hours.

The crypto Twittersphere has consequently erupted with speculation over links to news emerging from Iran regarding a US sanctioned airstrike.
An air raid at the Baghdad International Airport in Iraq early on Friday…

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