Believable parallels have been drawn between Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook on podcast #74 of Coin Talk hosted by Aaron Lammer & Jay Caspian Kang, titled “When Trolls Get Rekt.”

The podcast was later covered by Forbes contributor Billy Bamrough who covers cryptocurrency-related content for the publication.

In his article, Bamrough shared several parallels between blockchain and social media companies and their leadership. For instance, before Facebook, there was Myspace; a platform that reportedly “struggled to grow beyond its original interests.”

“Then came along Facebook,” wrote Bamrough. “Building a userbase of 2.3 billion people worldwide and successfully integrating itself and social networks into aspects of life that seemed entirely unnecessary as little as 10 years ago.”

Bamrough then gave a summation of how the social media and blockchain landscapes have converged in terms of their key challenges:

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency developers are now faced with a similar challenge to…

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