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In the last update, we outlined some ongoing work on both IRI and the client libraries. This post will mainly summarize the work that has been going on and its results.

If you have questions on the day-to-day development of IRI and clients libraries, please join the #iri-discussion and #clients-discussion Discord channels!


Yesterday, we released a new version of IRI with some very needed performance and stability fixes. You should be seeing the resource, especially CPU, utilization drop significantly once your node syncs.

There are still multiple things that we need to improve in terms of stability and synchronization performance, but our testing shows that 1.6.1 should definitely be a step in the right direction, with lower resource consumption in previously very strained scenarios.

List of fixes:

- Fix: Db exists()...

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/iri-and-client-libraries-update-feb-22/