This Week in Cryptocurrency: May 17th, 2019

Outside of a substantial pullback in the past 24 hours, cryptocurrency markets experienced considerable gains over the last week. On the week, Bitcoin is up 13%, Ethereum up 34%, XRP up 24%, Binance Coin up 27%, Stellar up 31%, Monero

Jaguar Land Rover To Reward Drivers With Cryptocurrency

Britain’s biggest car-maker, Jaguar Land Rover, is testing software which will reward drivers for sharing data. With ‘smart wallet’ technology installed in their vehicles, drivers will earn the IOTA cryptocurrency for automatically reporting traffic and road data.  Monetize Your Driving

IOTA Price Notes a 17% Gain Following Jaguar Partnership

In the cryptocurrency world, there are always different types of market momentum to keep an eye on. In some cases, the trend will be bearish, while other markets turn mega bullish at the same time. Today, the IOTA price seems

Jaguar Land Rover pays drivers with IOTA for sharing data

Who shares data, is rewarded with the crypto currency IOTA, which can be used, among other things for the payment of charging or parking fees. The British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover wants to reward its drivers in the future

What is the IOTA Academy?

It is pertinent for individual cryptocurrency projects to keep evolving. Especially when it comes to getting more developers excited about certain ecosystems, no efforts should be spared. The IOTA Foundation has recently unveiled its IOTA Academy., which is designed to

For beginners: Upload Images onto the IOTA Tangle

Purpose of this program: to upload and store images onto the IOTA Tangle. This article assumes you have Python installed on your machine (I used a Raspberry Pi). To install python and/or use a terminal refer to any of my previous

Distributed Ledger Technology for Smart Mobility: Variable Delay Models

Abstract—Recently, Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) based Distributed Ledgers have been proposed for various applications in the smart mobility domain [1]. While many application studies have been described in the literature, an open problem in the DLT community concerns the lack

Distributed Ledger Technology for IoT: Parasite Chain Attacks

A. Cullen, P. Ferraro, C. King, and R. Shorten Abstract—Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) based Distributed Ledgers can be useful in a number of applications in the IoT domain. A distributed ledger should serve as an immutable and irreversible record of

IOTA Pay per Use on Hannover Fair

Summary of the Hannover fair experience by topocare The “pay per use” or “pay on production” PoC realizes a machine payment for every production step undertaken. The IOTA token are transferred directly when a production step is reached. In the

Explaining the Qubic Computation Model: Part 5

In the first part of this series we have looked at a conceptual overview of the Abra specification, which describes how data flow is achieved within the Qubic Computation Model. In the second part we used the Abra specification to