IOTA has revealed that it is adding geotagging capabilities to its transactions. The platform’s new standard, which is called IOTA Area Codes (IACs), will allow users to mark their transactions at any point on the globe. In turn, developers will be able to build new applications that make use of pinpointed locations.

How It Works

In addition to transferring IOTA tokens, transactions on IOTA can contain information. This means that geolocation data can be easily stored and retrieved. For example, an IOTA user could look up a particular transaction or location. In response, they could be shown something related to that location, such as a web link, message, or photograph.

Users can currently see geotagged transactions on a map, with individual pins representing each transaction. However, there are much greater possibilities for developers: a programmed device or autonomous vehicle could use geotags to decide how it should behave. In other words, location data could be used as sensor information.

However, IOTA’s major…

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