While waiting for the new meetup of Iota Italia to be held on April 4th during the Blockchain Now event in Milan, Cryptonomist interviewed Stefano Della Valle, evangelist of the crypto project and also CEO of Things Lab.

What news regarding the IOTA project?

There are several novelties. Let’s start with the latest technological innovations. A test network has been set up without the famous coordinator. This is a decisive step towards the conclusion of the validation path of the IOTA operational model described in mathematical terms in the WP, questioned especially by those who do not have the mathematical skills to understand it.

Here you can see the status of the tangle managed by a network of nodes without a coordinator.

The coordinator has never worried me much because it doesn’t have the ability to sign transactions, modify the tangle or control nodes; it looks more like a validator of a POS system than a centralised manager. However, I am very happy that the time is approaching when we will be able to see the active…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/iota-italy-interview-with-stefano-della-valle/