IOTA Foundation supports LEDGER venture builders to foster human centric DLT solutions

€200,000 equity-free funding and 12-month programme available to IOTA and DLT development ecosystem

The IOTA Foundation is proud to support LEDGER, an European Commission funded project, which is looking for people working on decentralized technologies. Selected teams will access their 12-month programme and gain up to €200k equity-free.

LEDGER is looking for enterprise ideas that respect data sovereignty and operate in alternative space to the concentration of data in a few proprietary platforms. The EU will invest in this by accelerating 32 teams into companies with a solid human centric values business model.

LEDGER is part of the Next Generation Internet initiative from the EC, and aligns with the objectives of the European Blockchain Partnership signed on April 2018. From the total amount granted, €5.6 million will be distributed in cash to teams using decentralized technologies (aka blockchain) for data governance. The deadline…

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