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This is the 2nd report of the Crypto Core FPGA project — (more than) 2 weeks late. Sorry ?

Here is the first part in case you missed it: https://medium.com/@punpck/iota-crypto-core-fpga-1st-progress-report-caebe1dac579


In the last report I included an evaluation of the Troika hashing algorithm and came to the conclusion that it’s not running very well on binary CPU architectures — but I also wrote that there certainly is room for optimizations. Reference implementations have to be clear and understandable but not necessarily very efficient.

A “silent hero” (he didn’t reveal his identity) managed to optimize Troika significantly — he managed to get a gain of x11.63 on my Cortex M1 which is very impressive. You can find his Troika optimizations here: https://github.com/c-mnd/troika

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/iota-crypto-core-fpga%E2%80%8A-%E2%80%8A2ndprogress-report/