Accessec GmbH, a security strategy company, launched an IOTA Tangle Wallet for Motor Vehicles on February 28th. The automatic refueling and payment should be so easy and safe. In addition, the integrated wallet supports the development of various compatible technologies.

One of the promising fields of application for IOTA is intelligent mobility. Currently, there is an idea competition on Smart City initiated by IOTA, which also deals with the networking of vehicles. The German tech security company Accessec is taking the integrated car wallet another step in the direction of smart mobility.

Refuel and pay with the IOTA Token

The wallets based on the IOTA Tangle enable the automatic fueling or recharging of the vehicles equipped with it. Wallets can interact directly with point-of-sale (POS) terminals, for example, to arrange for payment to a merchant. Users just have to make sure that the two hardware components are physically close enough to interact with each other.

The simultaneous use of a car wallet and the matching PoS…

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