Today we have released version 0.6.0 of Ict. The major features are:

+ implement EEE (Environment Entity Effect) infrastructure to enable inter-ixi communication
+ translate gossip listeners and gossip preprocessors to EEE to simplify IXI
+ let modules offer their functionality through API (/getModuleResponse)
+ allow module developers to add modules to Ict from loaded classes instead of having to load from a separate .jar file -> simplifies module development and testing
+ increase efficiency by checking incoming bytes against known transactions to avoid decoding the same transaction multiple times (#51)
+ hash gui_password before storing it in ict.cfg (#59)
+ fix #53 (adding the same neighbor multiple times to ict.cfg)
+ 5s timeout after submitting wrong password to GUI to prevent brute-force attacks

Ict 0.6 introduces EEE (Environment Entity Effect), a new concept that does two things at once:

Minimizing IXI technically by replacing various specific infrastructures (addGossipListener, addGossipPreprocessor, …) with a single…

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