There are two words together most every cryptocurrency investor hates to hear, cryptocurrency taxes. For most investors, the murky waters of cryptocurrency taxes providethe only headache when it comes to file.  

To help break down the current status of cryptocurrency taxes, Coincentral got to interview Ernst & Young Global Blockchain Tax Leader Michael Meisler. Not only did Meisler give powerful advice that will help you file as tax season comes, but he also provided his thoughts on the future of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Enjoy!

Interview with Ernst & Young’s Michael Meisler

How did the 2018 tax reform affect the cryptocurrency industry? 

It’s fair to say that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) impacted many industries, including the cryptocurrency industry. Tax reform has caused all taxpayers to consider how and where they conduct business, and the same is likely true for those businesses in the cryptocurrency industry.

With this said, while there was no specific guidance related to cryptocurrencies in…

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