Instars is the latest platform that allows you to earn cryptocurrencies through micro-tasks in a way that protects your privacy.

Until recently, the majority of new cryptocurrency users have had to enter the ecosystem by purchasing or mining crypto. These methods were relatively more accessible in the past making them great ways to onboard new users.

Moving forward, cryptocurrencies need to become more accessible to new users. This has led to an increase in platforms that allow new users to earn digital currencies.


Instars is a new platform that enables you to earn cryptocurrencies by completing micro tasks in an environment that doesn’t compromise user data. 

Insights-Network built the platform to create opportunities for users to benefit from their own data. INSTAR token is the native digital asset on the platform in which all earnings get paid.

How Instars Works

To use Instars, you will have to sign up by providing your email address and generating a password to protect your account. You immediately receive a confirmation…

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