Installing IRI with APT

This article is a tutorial for installing IOTA’s IRI (Initial Reference Implementation) from the Tangled IT repository. It will involve all steps to get started and have a fully synced node.

This tutorial is not for absolute beginners. It expects you to know how to open ports, edit configuration files and use basic Linux commands.



We’ll start with a clean Debian installation, you can use Ubuntu or any Debian based distribution. We’ll expect curl to be installed, or else you could do that with apt-get install curl.

Step 1. Installing the repository

To install the repository you’ll need to run the following command:

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curl -sSL | sudo bash

This will run a script which adds the repository key to your installation and it will create a file which links to the repository so it can be used with APT.

Step 2. Install IRI

After the repository has been added, you can install IRI with the following command:

apt-get install iri

Java will be…

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