Hi there

Over the past few months, I was digging a lot into nodejs and vuejs and wanted to bring what I learned somewhere into a project. That’s how inschpektor was born.

Inschpektor is inspired by the iota peer manager, but the feature-set is richer and the application architecture is generally better structured out (imho). The code is completely unrelated to iota-pm and not at all based on it.

So what are the features?

  • Access to your iri config file. When adding or removing a neighbor, you can choose to do that temporarily or to really write that change into your IRI file automatically.
  • Authentication: Keep your app publicly accessible, while being the only one able to execute commands or view specific data on your node.
  • Restart your node: Directly from the web-ui!
  • Track your neighbors: See if their node is still in sync, if they still communicate with your node, their IRI version, etc
  • Instant feedback! You do not need to keep the web ui open for 30 seconds to see, which neighbors are still healthy and which are not….

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/inschpektor%E2%80%8A-%E2%80%8Athe-user-friendly-peer-manager-for-your-iota-node-2/