According to a recent report, Mahindra, an IT giant based in India has now formed a partnership with SDS which is the systems integration division of Samsung. The main purpose of this partnership is to be involved in the global blockchain market.

The Samsung SDS Nexledger Platform

SDS is set to increase the rate at which it utilises its Nexledger blockchain platform in the United States, Europe, and India. This is to enhance the growth of business operations across the above-mentioned countries. Also, on further updates on Nexledger, Mahindra is expected to work with Samsung SDS.

Nexledger is a blockchain security platform which was established in 2017 and it has functioned in several areas such as manufacturing, logistics, finance, and more. For example, the solution was put to test in export customs logistics services by the Korean Customs Service. It was also tested by 48 different organisations such as shipping companies, insurance companies, and public agencies.

Samsung SDS has recently made it known that its own…

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