A new research report from BTC Peers has ranked 145 crypto news websites for quality. It analyzes scores of benchmarks including average visit duration, bounce rate, and number of backlinks. The report features the usual suspects in its top 10, including Coindesk at number three and Cointelegraph at two. Top of the list, however, is news.Bitcoin.com.

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The Best 145 Crypto News Websites of 2019

The cryptosphere is filled with news sites that cover multiple cryptocurrencies, ecosystems, and angles. From the unquestioningly fawning to the unrelentingly skeptical, there’s a crypto news outlet to suit all dispositions. ‘Best’ is a highly subjective term, therefore, whose declaration largely depends on the needs of the reader. Nevertheless, when BTC Peers published its methodical analysis of the top 145 crypto sites and placed news.Bitcoin.com top, our publication was duty bound to report on the matter.

“News.bitcoin.com won first place with 978 points,”…

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Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/independent-report-declares-news-bitcoin-com-the-top-crypto-news-site/