In this edition of The Daily we cover the latest protocol upgrade to privacy coin monero (XMR), a new feature for traders using Revolut, and the blockchain-based corporate settlements platform SETL appointing administrators for the business.

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Monero Undergoes Protocol Upgrade

The Monero development team has confirmed that its scheduled protocol upgrade was completed successfully. The hard fork introduced four main changes to the privacy-focused altcoin including an improvement to the dynamic block size algorithm, an introduction of dummy encrypted payment IDs as well as shrinking of the size of amount encodings and using deterministic masks.

In the Daily: Monero Upgrade, Revolut Auto Exchange, SETL Administration

The most important update involved making the cryptocurrency more resistant to ASIC (application-specific integrated circuits) miners. A recent report showed that more than 85 percent of the Monero network was dominated by ASIC miners. The newly implemented Cryptonight-R algorithm is meant to tweak the proof-of-work mechanism…

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