In Friday’s edition of the daily, we begin by examining the rise of Cosmos, which in terms of sheer hype and expectation is this month’s Grin. We also check out anonymous crime reporting system Intelli Network and consider Bittrex International’s decision to cancel its first token sale hours before it was scheduled to start.

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Cosmos Whips the Cryptosphere Into a Craze

The Cosmos network is only a few days old and already it’s the hottest ticket in town. 20,000 blocks have been produced so far, with an average block time of six seconds. The only number that’s captivated the investor community, however, is the price of its ATOM token. Poloniex is in the process of adding Cosmos’ native token to its exchange, but meanwhile, it’s trading on other platforms as futures.

In the Daily: Cosmos Expands, Crypto Crime Network, Bittrex Cancels Raid Sale

With atoms on some exchanges trading for close to $19, ICO participants are on course to make a cool 200x on their 2017 investment. The proof-of-stake Cosmos network,…

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