A Canadian court has qualified the nation’s inaugural Bitcoin expert witness, blockchain analysis firm CipherTrace has revealed.

The episode marks the first time a court in the country has formally requested the help of a cryptoeconomy expert for a prosecution and highlights anew how the legal specter of cryptocurrencies have risen in major jurisdictions around the globe.

The qualified witness was CipherTrace chief executive officer Dave Jevans, who was enlisted by Judge Jane Kelly of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to help analyze the cryptocurrency transactions of defendant Matthew Phan. Phan was arrested in 2015 on charges of dealing drugs and illegally purchasing a firearm via two dark web marketplaces.

Judge Kelly leveraged Jevans’s expertise in an asset forfeiture hearing held this month to decide the fate of 288 bitcoin the Ontario Crown Attorney Asset Forfeiture Unit had seized from Phan four years ago, CipherTrace revealed on March 6th.

A Drug Trafficking Enterprise

At the time of Phan’s arrest, those…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/in-dark-web-case-canadian-court-qualifies-nations-first-bitcoin-expert-witness/