Upcoming FATF Guidelines Could Bring Doom to Some Crypto Businesses

June 21 may be a “make or break” day for numerous cryptocurrency companies, particularly exchanges and crypto custodians. On that date, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is releasing guidance on how countries should oversee digital assets, Bloomberg reports. What

Bloomberg: Bitcoin Price May Hit $400K Due to Fundamentals, Not FOMO

Bitcoin’s improving fundamentals and the arrival of institutional investors could impact the volatility and price action of future rallies and corrections. The Nature of Bitcoin Rallies will Change Aaron Brown, the author of a recently published op-ed in Bloomberg, believes

‘Totally Absurd’ – New FATF Rules To Turn Bitcoin Exchanges Into Banks

Intergovernmental body the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has committed to making 200 countries treat cryptocurrency exchanges like banks. FATF Among ‘Biggest Threats’ To Crypto As Bloomberg reported June 11, an update to how national regulators should treat businesses dealing

Google Denies Claims of Shutting Down CCN.com

Google has denied accusations of shutting down the cryptocurrency news website CCN.com by changing its Google algorithm. CCN declared on June 10 that it was shutting down as it experienced a sharp decrease in online traffic after Google updated its

Canadians Can Now Access Coinbase via PayPal

Nowadays, top crypto exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase are looking to expand their client base as much as possible. Coinbase is now in the lead as its services are now available to Canadian residents. According to a Reddit post,

Saifedean Ammous: It’s ‘Not Certain’ That Bitcoin Is Government-Proof

Bitcoin is not free from the threat of government interference, ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ author Saifedean Ammous warned mainstream media this week. Ammous: BTC Up 18 Million Percent Speaking in an interview with German finance magazine Boerse Online, Ammous, who is