IMF Discusses Potential Role in CBDC Issuance

With the ongoing conversation surrounding central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is examining its potential role in future sovereign digital currency issuances.

IMF Weighs Pros and Cons of CBDC
In an analysis posted on the IMFBlog earlier in December, the IMF discussed its potential role within the emerging CBDC discussion as well as the pros and cons of sovereign digital currencies.
According to the blog, the IMF has identified three areas in which the body can be of assistance to nations looking to launch their own CBDC. An excerpt from the blog post reads:
The IMF can help in three ways: by informing the policy debate, by convening relevant parties to discuss policy options, and by helping countries develop policies. Because CBDC is a novel topic, the IMF has mostly been active in the first…

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