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What’s this about?

Imagine a scenario in which a machine would autonomously have an FE twin for each workpiece, with data that could not be physically measured. This opens up completely new possibilities for AI in mechanical engineering. That’s huge in my field of experts.

1. Introduction

We are developing a way to establish a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication between an industrial fine-blanking press and a finite element (FE) server to generate a digital twin for each physically manufactured workpiece. W will discuss the basic of FE modelling before jumping into the technical aspects and processes in the background of FE simulation We will show a user-friendly API which allows for an autonomous digital FE twin production. Now thin

A finite element simulation is used to model and compute physical values, that cannot be measured in real-life. For instance, video 1 shows the distribution of mechanical stresses during fine-blanking. Mechanical stresses cannot be measured in the shearing zone since there is simply…

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