Bitcoin hardware wallets don’t excite many people. Well, maybe just a little, especially when they come with stickers. But the aesthetically stunning GRAY Trezor Corazon will leave even the coldest hearts aflutter.

The GRAY Trezor Corazon Takes You on a ‘Visual Journey’

If you want more flowery rhetoric, read through the user guide. It’s not so much informational as inspiring, with talk of how the Corazon is a “daring experiment in mechanical and technological artistry.” I think the word “jaw-dropping” is thrown in there as well.

Cutting through the hyperbole, I have to confess my jaw did drop just a little as I took out the contents of the box.

The GRAY Trezor Corazon is the Rolex of cryptocurrency hardware bitcoin wallets. Having this baby in the palm of your hand is like holding a diamond-encrusted paperweight. The Titanium version catches the light on each of its perfect angles. It made me feel empowered and important. And like I own more bitcoin than I actually do.

What’s in the Box?

The Trezor GRAY…

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