Saifedean Ammous, economics professor and author of The Bitcoin Standard, spoke with Bitcoinist in an exclusive interview. He explains why he is encouraging people to ‘pirate’ his book and why he believes central banks want nothing to do with a hard money like bitcoin. 

Saifedean Ammous: I Neither Care or Know About This ‘Crypto’ Thing

Bitcoinist: You book The Bitcoin Standard was released last spring. How was it received compared to your expectations?

Saifedean Ammous: The reception has exceeded my expectations. I expected my book to only be read by a few bitcoiners and hoped that if Bitcoin continues to grow, the book would attract more attention over time. But far more people have read the book than I expected, particularly as it came out months into a bear market.

But the best part for me is the large number of people who became interested in Austrian economics after reading my book.

A friend told me I had used Bitcoin as a trojan horse with which to spread my ideas on Austrian economics, and I found it…

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