Gaming Coins Are Thriving, and This Is Only the Beginning – The Merkle

Since December, video game-related currencies across the board have exploded in price and volume. Video games represent an industry prime for blockchain integration, and initial penetration is poised to take place as early as this year. Gaming cryptocurrencies are growing

Here Are Four Promising ICOs to Kick off 2018 – The Merkle

With many existing projects set to undergo public launches and final product releases throughout 2018, next year seems poised to be perhaps the biggest one yet for cryptocurrencies as a whole. On top of this, new projects with lofty ambitions join the industry

Chimaera: True Blockchain Gaming

Chimaera has announced their much anticipated token sale where people can purchase the ecosystem’s reserve currency (CHI) starting October 23rd. The blockchain gaming platform was announced in February on the Bitcointalk forums where it quickly generated interest and a following.